Many versus in poetry and references in literature had led me to believe that winter is probably the most desolate and monochromatic season. Between Virginia Woolf’s ‘Melancholy were the sounds on a winter’s night’ and PB Shelley’s ‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ I was convinced that winter was made of sorrow and for introspection.

And then suddenly one winter morning, I woke up to see frost glistening like a crystal under the warm rising yellow sun. Its texture was delicate and smooth and it was composed of crisp, clear inverted reflections of nature.

Soon I begun noticing other designs of the season. The raw scales of an orange resting on green symmetrical lawn grass. The lusty vapour of chai rising above a crowded silhouette background. The warm saturation of textureless snow melting on cool blue lines of my palm. And my favourite? The many strokes on the sky’s canvas— from oil paintings to grainy black and white film photographs. Was it possible to be grim amongst all these winter-crafted visuals?

Every year I look forward to winter. It is independent of my geography and the year that has been. This least-favoured season has become my reason to change, admire, endure and celebrate.

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Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
Hues of a journey. Himachal Pradesh, 2013.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
The personification of silence. Bihar, 2014.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
A long way home. Assam, 2016.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
When the mountains speak. Sikkim, 2014.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
The wilful solitude of the sun. Uttarakhand, 2015.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
Carving the fine print. Switzerland, 2016.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
Winter symphony. Himachal Pradesh, 2016.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
Lines on nature’s palm. Switzerland, 2016.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
Paving the way for the sky. Meghalaya, 2016.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
A polar trail. Switzerland, 2016.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
Illuminated stars of the tree. Germany, 2017.
Travel blog winter ©Amrita Das
A power game between the river and the sky. Germany, 2017.

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Which season does your heart belong to?

All photographs © Amrita Das

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2 thoughts on “Photo Story: Could Winter be the Most Beautiful Season?”

  1. These pictures are WONDERFUL! I love the bleak beauty of winter, so often wrapped up in too many gaudy bits of tinsel.

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