‘It’s already August’, I thought two mornings ago. I was back from yet another travel and felt the slight disorientation, the usual aftermath. Transcending into a deeper reflection, I knew I was close to my time in Goa. The very prospect of it made the uneasiness in my stomach stronger.

IMG_8387-Amrita Das
The Goan Sunset

A chance I took 5 months ago was now my comfort zone. And the thought of leaving it has brought such an unknown displeasure, which occasionally makes me feel dizzy. I wasn’t supposed to be here, you know? I didn’t even like Goa all that much. That is what Goa does—it grows on you before you know it.

10402629_690097571040031_7574320029995831509_n-Amrita Das
The water sprinkler at Turiya

In the silence within the walls of Turiya Villa, I have lost myself many times. Sometimes I was found within the pages of my favourite book in the balcao and sometimes, as a moist leaf on the lawn. Either way, I have always discovered something new each day. And when the gloom in me overdid the one outside, I returned to my shell and allowed time to sun my stability.

10441159_705348376181617_9193673718303192203_n-Amrita Das
Many afternoons spent reading in the balcao

In the company of many travellers, there has been a warmth in the words and a fleeting farewell in the greeting. There are too many interesting people in the world and I am glad they move around. It gave me the opportunity to meet them, while I took my chance at Turiya.

10403313_698206446895810_68515770953999750_n-Amrita Das
Also amongst Turiya’s visitors

A little less than a local and a little more than a traveller, I did try to learn the language to understand and gain perspective of the place. Apart from making many mistakes on the dialect and laughing aloud at them, it wasn’t tough to break the ice. After all, the Goan sun is too strong for divides like that.

IMG_7918-Amrita Das
The spectacular Agonda beach

And those unknown turns, my forever favourite. Surrendering to the forests of Goa is therapeutic. On either side of me lies stretches of sweet nature, which I only imagined to be as saturated in postcards. The tenacity of city life has kept me alive for years now but perhaps, the sweetness of Goa has made me alive all over again. Did you know green is the warmest colour?

IMG_7917-Amrita Das
When the sun and rain played hide-and-seek

I’m going too fast. I need to take in and be. But over-commitment is not a choice here. There is none but to be as composed as the pace of life here. Though the smiles vary across the districts of this small state, I have found most honesty in those of Canacona. My love for Panjim doesn’t consent me but I’m torn between the artsy capital and the quiet generous Canacona.

IMG_6875-Amrita Das
A fish thali from Konkan’s heaven. At a place locally called jhopri.

Perhaps, ‘moving on’ is an overrated concept. Perhaps, it ought to be renamed as ‘carry forward.’ I will be here for a long time now, in memory, since moving on doesn’t come logically to me. I will hold on to every bit that I have learnt here and save some warm smiles, to remind me that compassion drives life.

Is it natural to miss moments even before they’re gone?


All images © Amrita Das

Amrita Das

I have been a travel and culture independent journalist. My bylines have appeared in many publications worldwide including National Geographic Traveller India, Lonely Planet Magazine India, The Indian Express and World Travel Magazine. A fellow of Media Ambassadors India-Germany 2019 program by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Centre for Media Competence, University of Tübingen. Currently, I am the photo editor for RoundGlass Sustain, a wildlife and conservation e-publication. I live in India.

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10 thoughts on “Goa, as I will remember it”

  1. Just came across your blog reading about India, great stuff.

    I was in North Goa last season, just south of Arambol. It was a great time – exactly as you said, Goa sucks you in before you know it. I planned to stay six weeks and ended up staying four months :P

    The place you stayed at looks really nice..I stayed at a place called The Mandala Resort in Mandrem. Very cool place. If you’re ever in North Goa then definitely look them up.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Nathan. Mandala Resort looks beautiful. I’ve always been around North Goa till I met South Goa and knew I was home. Do look up Turiya when you can. It’s beautiful :) Four months is long and I hope it was worth it. Take care.

    1. Thanks Christine! Yup, Goa does that to people- grows on us before we realise it :)

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