As the Monsoon clouds draw close, I find myself more and more retrospective. How did I reach here? When I look back even a year from now, I am surprised to find myself here.

I have been travelling ever since I can remember. However, how many of us actually do what we love? And as a delve deeper, I found myself wondering what is it about travel that keeps me going.

To feel impermanence
Routines are my favourite. I need to know how my week looks and am not the best person to surprise.

With my every day sorted, I feel travelling allows me to break that routine and live free. The magic of the present takes over and in return, I feel absolutely at ease. I will always enjoy my routines as long as I know that they’re not forever.

Fleeting experience of Now
Fleeting experience of Now

To learn kindness
While travelling solo through unknown towns, I have been in unfortunate situations and accidents. To my respite, I have been lucky to have someone else help me out. They have been strangers and locals from the place. They show up like angels, help me and vanish away. These people have taught me the importance of gratitude and meaning of compassion. It doesn’t take much to be kind and yet, it changes us.

To sample some good beer
There is always that one tangible incentive to all this. In my case, it is beer. I like to try the local beers wherever I go. It helps me break the ice (not literally), understand local taste and stay cool. From Jaipur’s Godfather to Rome’s Moretti, all leave me with wonderful memories.

Birra Moretti for lunch
Birra Moretti for lunch

To build everlasting relationships
Travel compatibility is a rare element which we share with only few people. I have travelled with many people and have realised that it makes and breaks a relationship. If I can travel with someone, that one is a keeper!

To understand Nature
Local cultures across the world study nature and environment differently. Spitians know how much water their field of green peas require just as the Swiss know when to pull out the snow tyres. Sometimes they just glance at the clear sky and warn me that there will be a storm in the evening. These are experiences true of each region.

The trees, wildlife and soil make a place habitable or otherwise. Once I study and understand these aspects, I can identify with a place. And hence, do less to ruin this bond.

To remain in love
I fall in love every time I travel- with the mountains, the chai, the laugh of the man on the next table, the warmth of the lady’s eyes or with the adorable street dog. Whoever said we fall in love only once didn’t travel!

Himachal in August where I fell in love at least six times
Himachal in August where I fell in love at least six times

~What keeps you on the move?


Amrita Das

I have been a travel and culture independent journalist. My bylines have appeared in many publications worldwide including National Geographic Traveller India, Lonely Planet Magazine India, The Indian Express and World Travel Magazine. A fellow of Media Ambassadors India-Germany 2019 program by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Centre for Media Competence, University of Tübingen. Currently, I am the photo editor for RoundGlass Sustain, a wildlife and conservation e-publication. I live in India.

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  1. Very nice post, I totally agree with and can relate “To build everlasting relationships”

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