I used to be indecisive when it came to insurance, especially travel insurance. On one hand, we are always told to be wary of unexpected circumstances and stay guarded against it. On the other hand, as Indians tend to miss out on essentials on the pretext of saving money. Since last year, however, I have silenced my may-be-I-can-skip-it-this-time voice and bought insurance before each trip. This is something I have developed as a habit over the course of time.

It is not uncommon to lose money, personal belongings or passports are not uncommon because of theft or irresponsibility. Insurances take care of us during these unexpected or accidental contexts. And it has amazed me to finally realise how much these insurances can save us in case of any mishaps.

It can start raining anytime.

Travel insurances also cover many other unexpected scenarios like:

  • Unexpected illnesses or physical injuries from accidents,
  • Relapsing illness,
  • Delayed flights and missed connections as well as flight cancellations,
  • Emergency medical evacuations.

In fact, travel insurances have become very common lately and it is very easy to purchase one. Most travel insurances can be bought online and take only a few minutes. Some like Reliance General Insurance have destination specific insurances and are economical. A three-week Schengen Travel Insurance  from Reliance costed me only ₹830. They have an Asia specific insurance too, covering vacations to South East Asian countries.

The insurance really came in handy when I headed to Germany last year – it is mandatory to have a travel insurance in order to get a visa for any of the Schengen countries. Besides, it had quite a few benefits that caught my eye. It gave me the needed $50000/€40000 emergency medical coverage. Also I felt secure since I would compensated in case I lost my passport or baggage, or both. Additionally, it covers expenses for purchasing personal belongings in case of misplaced bags.

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It is easy to buy travel insurance anywhere.

It actually covers quite a lot of situations that can arise while travelling as well as a bunch of benefits specific to European countries. I would rather travel stress-free, knowing that I am covered for unforeseen accidents.

Many people ask me if insurances are unnecessary expenses, as one may never face any trouble while travelling. Honestly, I believe that prevention being better than cure. If we spend so much to travel, especially internationally, it makes sense to be smart and have a safety net– for both our health as well as belongings.

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Do you buy insurance before travelling?

Note: This post has been sponsored by Reliance General Insurance.

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Amrita Das

I have been a travel and culture independent journalist. My bylines have appeared in many publications worldwide including National Geographic Traveller India, Lonely Planet Magazine India, The Indian Express and World Travel Magazine. A fellow of Media Ambassadors India-Germany 2019 program by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Centre for Media Competence, University of Tübingen. Currently, I am the photo editor for RoundGlass Sustain, a wildlife and conservation e-publication. I live in India.

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