Those days were probably the best for the ambitious me. My weekdays spent in office, meeting deadlines and the weekends in a neighbourhood cafe, getting my blog started.

Luckily, Mumbai has some quaint and quiet cafes with free wi-fi. Spending six hours on a Sunday in any of these places was affordable and productive for me. Even though my home had wi-fi, it was essential to get out of my domesticated life and get work done.

These are some of my favourite cafes in Bandra, which I experimented with over a period of time.

The Birdsong

This was my favourite. If I wasn’t found at home, I was found here.

Apart from the good food and the somewhat out-of-sight location, this organic food cafe was very close to my house. I didn’t have to tread very far for high speed wi-fi and comfortable working space. Their corner table, on the extreme right, which overlooks the street, was an ideal workstation.

While Birdsong was new, their staffers were still getting used to the fact that it is a cafe where start-ups or freelancers could come and work. During this period, I was often ‘hastened’ to either order more or request the bill. However, things changed for the better. Either they got used to me camping there for hours on weekends or they warmed up to the fact that people actually would spend hours working here.

Bonus: Multiple wall socket points.
Eat up: Black rice and mushroom risotto, and beet and carrot juice were my favourites.
Pay up: ₹₹
Address: Waroda Road, Behind American Express Bakery, Bandra (W). (Map)

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Healthy bite at Birdsong.
Healthy bite at Birdsong.


Centrally located in the heart of Bandra’s busiest roads, Gostana does attract a large number of freelance workers. A lot of start-ups flourish and many work meetings materialise here. This scene drastically changes by evening though.

In my experience, I’ve found this cafe cramped and noisy, especially on weekends. The first half on Saturdays worked for me but I’ve had to leave soon after lunch, owing to large groups who would spend their Saturday evening hours here. The tables are also very close, not allowing privacy or space from the surrounding noise.

Bonus: Arguably the best wi-fi.
Eat up: Any of their burgers.
Pay up: ₹
Address: Ground Floor, Prabhat Kunj, Near Elbo Room, Khar (W). (Map)


Suzette was never my ‘work cafe’. It was my haunt for delicious crepes and I frequented the Bandra outlet more than I knew. However, much later in my stay, I discovered their free wi-fi services.

Suzette isn’t a paradise when it comes to productivity; I’m constantly distracted by the aromatic food that is being served around the other tables. The other distraction here is the sparing space between the tables. Their outdoor seating is comfortable, but on hot afternoons, it can work against  my comfort level.

Bonus: Great service and no rush here.
Eat up: All of their food is delicious. My personal favourites are their fresh juices and their nutella crepe.
Pay up: ₹₹
Address: Opposite Gold’s Gym, Pali Hill, Bandra (W). (Map)

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Suzette's insatiable menu.
Suzette’s insatiable menu.

The Bagel Shop

Before Starbucks opened in Bandra, this cafe was synonymous to ‘free wi-fi cafe’ in Bandra West. And I have to admit, it borderlines as the perfect work cafe.

A typical scene at The Bagel Shop is young adults on their laptops, a few solo leisure-seekers and most acquaintances catching up. The vibe of this place invites people to come and work here. The inner section is blessed with comfortable couches and many sockets to stay connected. It is also quiet. I wish they had tables at a height for comfortable posture.

Bonus: Their ambience and unbeatable wi-fi connection.
Eat up: Definitely try their smoothies.
Pay up: ₹
Address: Off Carter Road, Pali Mala Road, Pali Hill, Bandra (W). (Map)

Starbucks Coffee

I’m not a fan of Starbucks’ coffee at all. Having said that, I tried working here a couple of times and understood that their wi-fi wins it all. But somehow, the place doesn’t seem to charm me.

The outlet in Khar has a lovely community table which is truly comfortable for freelance workers either to hold meetings or finish up work. Unfortunately, their pricey and distasteful coffee doesn’t make up for the positives here.

I have also found this cafe noisy, especially towards the evenings on the weekends. Though Starbucks Khar has worked wonderfully for a few friends of mine, who have spent hours here, day after day.

Bonus: The community table.
Eat up: Their sandwiches are decent.
Pay up: ₹₹
Address: Near Costa Coffee, Khar Danda Road, Khar (W). (Map)

Working in Birdsong with orange juice.
Working in Birdsong with a glass of orange juice.

If you do happen try these other cafes in the vicinity, let me know your feedback:
-Yoga House
-BRU World Cafe, Saint John Baptist Road, Reclamation
-Taj Mahal Tea House

Price references:
₹- Till 300 INR
₹₹- Till 600 INR
₹₹- Till 900 INR

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Have you tried any of these cafes?

All prices indicative of the food mentioned for solo explorers only :)

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