It is a tough choice, moving away from the rut and taking some time off. And even though, travelling seems aspirational and equivalent to a holiday for many, being 24 days on the road should be no one’s dream (two months in actuality, with just five days at current home.)

When I reached Nashik, I was visibly tired and napping across modes of transport.

Visiting Beyond by Sula came unexpectedly, especially with the massive Kumbh Mela highlighting Nashik. In my everlasting attempt to avoid crowds, I steered towards Beyond and longing to detach and sleep, once again.

My room in Beyond by Sula.
My room in Beyond by Sula.
Doing nothing? Nah!
Doing nothing? Nah!

My day here allowed me to do nothing but sip some delicate wine and indulge in a spa therapy. And needless to say, I added those extra laps of swimming (old habits die hard).

They say first time’s a charm? Not this one. I was happy to be here for seconds. My first visit here was all work and no play. Essentially the reason why I was ever so insistent on doing nothing from the moment I entered Beyond (which was awfully tough.)

After a quick tour around the wine production units, with Gaurav, manager- Tasting Room, we sat lazily overlooking the trimmed vineyards. From my fond memories of this place, I remember the landscape here: the semi-open terrace, led by acres of vine shrubs, the narrow view of the road and then the sky. Nothing had changed in this view.

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Walking into the Tasting Room.
Walking into the Tasting Room.
Spending some time with wine and space.
Spending some time with wine and space.

Life comes easy after a couple of glasses of wine. By the time I concluded my wine tasting tour in the Tasting Room, not only did the light grow saturated, but I had also fallen in love with two white wines.

My taste for wine has been forever limited to Sula. At the cost of sounding prejudiced, I have tried wines from around the world but somehow, nothing has pleased me other than Sula. From the red suaveness of Satori Merlot to the shy sweetness of Riesling, I am happily monogamous.

Going back to my room at Beyond was equally therapeutic. It is one of those places where comparisons don’t really work. Every place is equally quiet and clean. I occasionally broke away from my naps by the sound of the ongoing maintenance work, to be lulled back to sleep all over again.

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Growing the ingredients for white wine.
Growing ingredients for the whites.
The Tasting Cellar at the vineyards.
The Tasting Cellar at the vineyards.

By the end of the first day, I had evolved from the unaware and overcommitted Bombay girl to the Shillong girl who had time to finish that book under the open skies. I questioned myself about why I found it so tough to live in the present now. Unable to find an answer, I let go of that thought too. I wanted to be nowhere but amidst the breeze of Nashik.

I could have stayed longer here, can’t we all? A place where the skies greet you in the morning, where the wine dissipates nothing but now, where the breeze is ethereal and where the roads lead only to go beyond.

My favourite dessert at Café Rose- the chocolate mousse with orange peels.
My favourite dessert at Café Rose- the chocolate mousse with orange peels.
Sula and its many charms.
Sula and its many charms.

Good to know:
-Beyond by Sula is 17 kilometres from the Nashik town. It makes sense to have your transport arranged prior unless you’re self-driving. If you’re driving from Mumbai, these directions will be helpful.
-Beyond by Sula is 3.2 kilometres away (15 minutes drive) from Sula Vineyards.
-Café Rose serves some delicious food. My favourite here was the desserts. However do try the Maharashtrian spicy curries in the main course.
-The property does rent out bikes who would like to explore the locale on two-wheels.
-The wine tasting tour is open to all adults. Expect to pay 250 INR for a 5-wine tour and taste, and 750 INR for a more personalised VIP tour.
-Sula’s CSR project in Sawargaon (a hamlet nearby) is worth a visit to understand the work they’re doing. You can ask the team for more details.
-Expect to fall in love with new and finer wines.

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Has Sula charmed you yet?

Note: I was hosted by Beyond by Sula. And since this wasn’t the first time I was smitten by the experience, the review is evidently unbiased.

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  1. Interesting. I tasted Sula red wine in Radisson Blu quite sometimes, but didn’t know this brand could be your favorite out of whole world wines. Proud to be Indian therefore. Take Care. Wish you all the Best.

    1. Sula is my favourite of all Indian wines, and it has remained so over many years. You must try more of their wines :)

  2. I had heard a lot about the famous Sula Vineyard. Thanks for sharing this great article on the same and letting us enter into the world of Beyond By Sula with the aid of beautiful photographs. The facts at the end of the article was truly a good information to know about.

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