Goa during the rains are probably not a favourite with most Indian and international tourists. But when I lived in Goa, August was the most beautiful month in the year. Fresh and abundant after the Monsoons, the state seemed to come alive. Nature’s soothing green painted every corner of Goa’s canvas. The breeze was velvet-like as I rode my scooter on the highway of Konkan Coast. And all the amphibians and birds came out to celebrate the outdoors’ freshness.

For all those looking for more tangible benefits, here are some:

Affordable travels

Perhaps travelling to Goa this shoulder season is ideal because every thing is cheaper. From accommodation to food to transport, travelling within and to the smallest state of India in the rains is a smart decision.

I have witnessed hotels in Goa hike their prices to a double and occasionally even three times than the actual. Since a large number of touristic restaurants are closed, it is an ideal time to try local and authentic Goan food. I have also found the cab drivers and rickshaw-walas better behaved.

Goa Monsoons © Amrita Das
Goa in slight drizzle and sun.

Walks in solitude

This has to be my favourite about experiencing Goa in the rains. Put on a poncho and stroll around the empty, moisture-laden coast. Else walk around the nearest grove of trees to listen to silence. I have taken many such heart-warming walks in the south Goa. Sometimes I stopped by a local tea shop and chatted with strangers. Other times I let the skittish amphibians terrorise me. In the hindsight, they all add to my beautiful memories in Goa.

Blooming wildlife

There are a number of sanctuaries within the state. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is about 35 kilometres from Margao and perhaps the most popular. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, deep in the north-eastern part of Goa, is lush green this time of the year. And then there is Mollem National Park in the south, which is known for its jungle safaris. However, my favourite has to be Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary in south Goa. I love Cotigao because of its rich and diverse birdlife. And the best part about all these forests is that they have beautiful therapeutic trails to explore.

Goa Monsoons © Amrita Das
Surreal spaces, I didn’t know existed.

Blushing Dudhsagar

The majestic Dudhsagar Falls has to be one of the major attractions of Goa during the Monsoons. Replicating its name, the visual is like a sea of milk plummeting into the gorges of Konkan hills. This explains the large number of adventurers and enthused vacationers who flock to this southern pocket during this time. Some hike up to see the waterfall in all its might and beauty, and others take a train ride to explore its feisty vigour. There are many options for trekkers on this route. However the ones from Castle Rock railway station and Collem railway station are perhaps the most popular.

Have you enjoyed Goa in August?

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