On a winter evening in Kolkata, I set out to try the signature cocktails of The Fatty Bao, Olive group’s Asian dining. By the end of my meal, I found myself comfortably seated in a corner of its cosy decor, satiated by the comforting flavours of its food and drinks.

Cocktail #1

Risky Whiskey
Base: Whisky

Served in a tall glass, this one was good to begin with. The taste was no different from its subtle lime water-like appearance. The initial hints of whisky were soon mixed with aromatic tastes of fresh lime. I completely missed triple sec in the drink and thought the lime juice overpowered the spirit. This may work for those seeking a mild whisky cocktail. I like my cocktail bold and pronounced.

Suggested side:  Asparagus tempura, cream cheese and sesame uramaki.
Personal tip: Go for this one if you need something to refresh you.

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Fatty Bao Kolkata Amrita Das blogger
The muted tall drink, Risky Whiskey.
Fatty Bao Kolkata Amrita Das blogger
The comforting uramaki.

Cocktail #2

The Elixir
Base: Bourbon whiskey

Fatty has designed a new style of serving cocktails— premixed and bottled. This way, they suggest, guests choose how much they wish to dilute the drink in their glass.

The Elixir is a wonder for those who like their drink a little smoky and sweet. The balance of this concoction is very difficult to achieve. It has aromas and strong tastes of the Bourbon with significant sweetness, which hit the palate in perfect harmony.

Suggested side: Char siu bao
Personal tip: Go for this one if you’re confused about your feelings for whisky. It will win your heart.

Fatty Bao Kolkata Amrita Das blogger
Bourbon with maple syrup, garnished with apple and pear make the Elixir.
Fatty Bao Kolkata Amrita Das blogger
The char siu bao is doused in BBQ sauce.

Cocktail #3

Base: Gin

This one is an evident winner. I was pleasantly surprised (borderline mesmerised) by the mix of ingredients of this incredible cocktail.

The bottled Cool-ade is one of those drinks that pronounces each element in its blend. I tasted gin, cucumber, thyme syrup, elderflower and bitters (in that order) in each sip of this cocktail. I checked the menu only to verify if my guesses were correct. There is absolutely nothing that can supersede this cocktail for me at Fatty. Well balanced, distinct flavours and beautiful consistency—this one is an absolute beauty.

Suggested sides: Fatty lotus root OR Wild mushroom and truffle oil dim sum.
Personal tip: Try it first sans ice. If it doesn’t suit your palate, dilute it with a cube or two.

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Fatty Bao Kolkata Amrita Das blogger
One of these days I promise to stop obsessing over this drink.
Fatty Bao Kolkata Amrita Das blogger
The flavoursome wild mushroom and truffle oil dim sum.

Other recommendations:

-Try Fatty’s Japanese Sake.
-The food is very comforting. From their ramen to desserts, nothing will disappoint.

Good to know
-All of Fatty’s ingredients are homemade. I was especially impressed by the raspberry caviar on kaffir lime panna cotta.
-Do not, I repeat, do not miss the desserts. If necessary start your meal backwards!
-Pocket pinch on an average for a cocktail is ₹425.

Fatty Bao Kolkata Amrita Das blogger
Fatty’s ramen is a must-try.

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Which are your favourite Fatty cocktails?

Note: My first visit to The Fatty Bao Kolkata was on invitation. 

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