I miss good beer pubs.

And the humidity in Kolkata takes me back to the warm evening in Mumbai. Along with couple of my friends, we visited Brewbot. Situated amid an array of restaurants and bars, the ambience of this craft brewery was surprisingly pleasant and the outdoor space, fairly large.

The Decor

No sooner I stepped in, than I saw the wall art explaining the name. Structured and a balanced use of wood and concrete, most of the decor gave me a bot-like vibe. We chose a table inside. Brewbot is carefully designed so that the in-house brews get the attention of its guests. There were four large tanks placed on the right, as we entered. I quickly glance at them, to return with more curiosity and information later.

The space. Photo courtesy: Brewbot.
The space. Photo courtesy: Brewbot.

The Beer

We first started with the tastings, where the four home brews appeared on wooden tray. While we sipped and voiced our choices, I instantly knew my preferences. Each of them came in four distinct tastes, demarcated by different colours. There was the Kolsch variety called Skywalker, the Midwestern Pale Ale named Mojo Rising, the strong blended stout titled Black Mamba and the German wheat labelled Floating Head. Immediately, I developed an affinity towards the two dark brews, i.e. Mojo Rising and Black Mamba.

After the tasting, I opted for a 330ml of the American origin Mojo Rising. Typical to pale ale, it had light lacing and moderate bitterness. It seemed like a good beer to start with. Besides, the temperature at which it was served was perfect, allowing me to taste the faint earthy yeast. It was light and refreshing.

My next glass, however, was very different. Heavy, wearing the deepest shade of brown, Black Mamba is the one I will definitely go back for. This Brit beer had a creamy lacing and an evident sweet-bitter aroma. The taste can be broken into multiple stages. First, the malty oatmeal flavours deceived me against the upcoming chocolate’s sweet blend, and finally I tasted some delicious coffee sating my palate. The aftertaste was mild and lingering. I loved how the creaminess of the beer reminded me of a much subtle and polite version of the Bailey’s, but as a beer. With such individual tastes, I was amazed at how beautifully they blended in with each other.

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The four beers.
The four beers.
Malt that maketh the beer.
Malt that maketh the beer.

The Food

I have to admit, when I have a mug of beer in front of me, food seldom drives me. But thanks to my company, I was introduced to Brewbot’s delicious food menu. The sliders are interesting and perfect starters to share. The fish cakes are phenomenal. Layered very delicately with bread crumbs, these melt-in-the-mouth cakes are perfectly mixed with lemon that I didn’t taste it until the last bite. And then the burst of flavour remained with me.

In salads, we shared the beetroot and goat cheese salad. Apart from the two key ingredients, it was freshly tossed up with walnut and had a faint dressing. I picked the well-braised beetroot clean from the bowl.

And finally for main course, we settled for a pizza. Our half-and-half pizza was a mix of their farmhouse pizza and BBQ chicken. I enjoyed the taste of the thin crust slices equally, though I continued to be attentive to my glass of Black Mamba.

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The delicious eggplant cottage cheese roll.
The delicious eggplant cottage cheese roll.
The salad with a glass of Black Mamba.
The salad with a glass of Black Mamba.

What I thought: The beers are great and the food complements it. They could lift up their game in desserts and presentation of the food.

Will I go back: Yes, for Black Mamba, with all my heart!

Getting there: G01 & 101, Morya Landmark 1, Off New Link Road, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri (West), Mumbai.

Hours: 12 PM – 1 AM.

I was invited by Brewbot and that did not influence my review of the place.

Have you been to this brewery in Mumbai?

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